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The Pines Golf Club
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Competition Programme


* Please note that the detailed schedule of Club weekly competitions and their start times can be found on the


Conditions of Play

Eligibility to Enter
Full Financial Members with a current official Handicap can participate in Trophy and Club Competitions.  A player's handicap on the day of qualifying events determines the grade the player can qualify in.

Match Play

Each round must be completed on the date specified.  Matches finishing 'all square' must continue hole by hole until decided.  Handicap allowances only apply as for the first 18 holes. In any matter under dispute, the decision of the Committee shall be final.

Score Cards

All players are required to use our dot golf system to generate a score card.
One card per player or pair (Four Ball Event) should be made out and returned promptly after each event.
Both player and marker must sign cards.  Please endeavour to present clean, clearly written and understandable cards.
Each player should keep their fellow competitors cards and enter the score after each hole.
All cards must be returned for Handicapping purposes.
Please Note: Members playing a course and not returning a card may be deemed to have had a Scratch Round and be handicapped accordingly.

Starting Times
Mens’ Competitions: Sunday 7.30am - 9.15am.
Womens’ Competitions: Tuesday 18 holers - assemble 8.45am for 9.00am tee off, 9 holers assemble 9.15 for 9.30am tee off, unless joining 18 holers - assemble 8.45am.
Sunday assemble 9.15am for 9.30am tee off. During summer women tee off at 8.30am (Tues) and 9.00am (Sun).
L.O.B.’s: Wednesday 9.00am.
On Saturdays and Sundays, all games must start from No.1 tee unless otherwise authorised by Club Captain, Vice Captain or Operator.
Tuesday ‘Twilight’ Tournaments: Tee off from 3.00pm - 6.00pm.  Please tee off early because there is often a crowd near 6.00pm.
L.O.B. - ‘Lovely Old Boys’ - is a golf day for men members and guests for fellowship and enjoyment.  No age limit.  Ladies invited to join L.O.B.’s.
Check your index before each round you play.  A scorecard must be presented for handicap assessment after each round.  Special handicaps apply for the 'twilight' tournaments.

Rules of Golf

Members should make an effort to study the Rules of Golf and ensure they are observed.  Become familiar with local rules on the scorecard and notice board.  If you have any doubts ask the Match Committee.  Players should attend a minimum of 15 minutes prior to playing in any fixture with a 'set down' start time.
This Season’s Social Functions
Read this programme, the newsletter and notice board for all social functions. Don’t forget our Mid Year Xmas Dinner in mid- July.


A reasonable standard of dress is required at all times. Singlets, jandals or bare feet are not acceptable.
Information for Women
Full Playing Lady Members may play fixtures on Tuesdays or Sundays, but must nominate which day at the start of the season.  Anyone wishing to change their day during the season must apply to the Ladies Club Captain, stating reasons.
The Player and Marker are responsible for cards marked correctly after each round.  Handicaps, Gross, Nett, Par, Stableford, as the case may be, should be clearly shown.  Print clearly the day and date and the name of the competition.

Womens’ Trophy Conditions
Stroke Play
Aitken Cup:  Handicap Match Play over field,
16 Top Nett qualify.
Bowers Trophy:  0-18.4 Nett, best 2 out of 3 rounds.
Eclectic:  Best Nett score on whole over 3 rounds.
Ellen Moyle Tray:  Handicap Match Play over field,
32 top gross qualify.
Beath Putting:  5 Best cards of 8 rounds.
Bronze 3 Trophy:  Gross best 4 out of 6 rounds.
Marshall Rosebowl:  18.5-40.4 Stableford,
best 2 out of 3 rounds.
Most Improved Player:
Pam Grimshaw Memorial Trophy: Nett
Penfold Tray:  0-18.4 Stableford, best 2 out of 3 rounds.
Summer Cup:  Gross, Nett, Stableford, 4 best scores.
Langdon Cup: 18.5 - 40.4 Nett  best 2 out of 3 rounds.
Top Parsons: Trophy. Most consistent player.
Wilkinson Cup Par Best 2 of 3 rounds over the field.
The following Trophies are played alternate years with men.
Beasley Trophy: Nett over field best 2 out of 3 Rounds.
Scott Davidson Trophy: Nett over field best 2 out of 3 Rounds.
Refer below for Mixed Events plus 9 Hole Trophy Conditions.
9 Hole Trophy Conditions
Beath Putting:  Best 5 of 8 Rounds.
Carolyn Rouse Nett Trophy:  Best 4 of 6 Rounds.
Just Golf Stableford Trophy:  Best 4 of 6 Rounds.
Freda Nash Gross Trophy:  Best 3 of 5 Rounds.
Most Consistent Player.

Womens’ Club Championships
Seeded draw.  Match play over 18 holes.
36 Hole Match Play final for Silver & Bronze 1.
18 Hole Match Play final for Bronze 2, 3, 4 & Over 60s.
Silver         0 - 18.4
Bronze 1   18.5 - 25.4
Bronze 2   25.5 - 33.4
Bronze 3   33.5 - 40.4
Bronze 4   40.5 - 54.4
Over 60s   0 - 54.4
Championship of Champions
Silver and Bronze 1 Match Play and Stroke Play and Over 60 Champions to represent the Club at the Women’s Champion of Champions (36 Hole Stroke Play Silver and Bronze 1.  18 holes for  over 60's).  Nine hole Champions play two rounds of 9 holes.
Best Team of Silver Champion, Bronze Champion and the Bronze Runner-up, either Strokeplay Champions or Matchplay Champions, a mixture is not acceptable, to represent the Club at the Rosebowl Competition on Sunday (36 Holes par Stableford).
Stroke Play Championship (5 divisions as above)
Silver and Bronze 1 Divisions: 36 Holes played on second day of Competition.
Bronze II, III & IV Divisions: 36 Holes over two days (18 each day) 18 hole Nett on first day of Competition.
9 Hole Division: 18 Holes over two days (9 each day) 9 Hole Nett, first day of Competition.
9 Hole Golf
A women's and mens 9 Hole Membership is available to players who wish to play 9 holes ONLY per day.  (Payment of Green Fees will be required if more than 9 holes are played but this is not the understood format for this class of members). 
Nine hole members may ONLY play in 9 hole competitions.

Mixed Pairs Events
Bonnie & Clyde: 18 Hole Combined Stableford,
choose own partner.
Cats & Dogs:  Combined Stableford Hole by Hole,
16 pairs to qualify, choose own partners.
Pache Trophy:  Two rounds Combined Stableford. 
Partners drawn after first round.
Patrons Trophy:  4 Ball Match Play, 16 pairs to qualify. 
Max handicap index Men 23.4, Women 40.4. 
Choose own partners.
Peterson Shield:  Canadian Foursomes.  Choose own partners.
Winter Foursomes Trophy:  Choose own partner.
Mixed Day Events
Dobbs Trophies:  One round Nett.  (Queens Birthday)  Handicap index Men 23.4 Women 40.4.
George Edwards Memorial Trophies: One round Nett. 
Max handicap Men 23.4, Women 40.4 (Labour Weekend).
Pam Grimshaw Memorial Trophies: One round Nett. 
Max handicap Men 23.4, Women 40.4 (Easter).
Trevor Kake Memorial Trophies: One round Nett. 
Max handicap Men 23.4, Women 40.4 (Xmas Cheer Tournament).
M.Ross Trophies: 
Mens:  One round Gross  -  Handicap 0-17
Ladies:  One round Stableford  -  Handicaps 18 - 36
Dave Logan Cup:  Town vs. Country, Average Stableford.
Codlin Cup:  Flog Day (Course played backwards.) 
Full handicaps apply.  Best Nett
Hill Challenge Cup:  Manaia Club v The Pines  - One round 
-  Average stableford over field
Seaview Trophies
Opening Day only  -  Best Nett

Information for Men

Mens’ Club Championships
Senior       0 - 9 Handicap Index
Intermediate      9.1 - 16.7   Handicap Index
Junior        16.7 - 23.4          Handicap Index
D Grade    23.4 - 36.4          Handicap Index
Over 60’s (H/cap Match Play)     0 - 36.4      Handicap Index
Match Play Championships are played over 18 holes except for finals.  Finals are played over 36 holes except for D grade, which is played over 18 holes.  Each round is to be played on date stipulated.  Stroke Play Championships are played over 54 holes except for D grade, which is played over 45 holes.  Over 60's Match Play championship is played as midweek competition on handicap.
Mens’ Trophies

Match Play

Club Championships:
  16 in each division.  18 Holes in each round, 36 hole finals (except D Grade & over 60. 
Over 60's: Handicap Match Play, 32 to qualify on Nett.
Bulls on Bank:  0-36.4, Match Play, 32 to qualify.
Top Dog:  4BBB Match Play, 32 pairs to qualify, maximum handicap 23.4.  (To be played on date stipulated.

Stroke Play

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Stroke Play Championships:
Senior, Intermediate and Junior Divisions play 54 Holes (27 each day-consecutive Sundays) D Grade plays 45 Holes (27 Holes first Sunday, 18 Holes second Sunday).
Attwood Trophy:  2 Rounds Nett.
Beath Putting:  2 Rounds Putting.
Cocks:  2 rounds Nett - Pairs (alternate shots).
Grandfathers:  1 Round Nett (Grandfathers only qualify).
Parua Bay Trophy:  2 Rounds Par.
Pacific Motor Group Cup:  2 rounds Gross - Handicaps 0-17
Kings Liquor Group Trophy:  2 rounds Stableford
- Handicaps 18-36.
Stroke Play Championships:  Senior, Intermediate & Junior
- 54 Holes (D Grade 36 Holes).
Summer Cup Par:  Best 2 of 3 Rounds.
Summer Cup Stableford:  Best 2 of 3 Rounds.
President’s Trophy:  Handicaps 0 - 16.7 - Gross only best 3 of 4 rounds.
Vice President’s Trophy:  Handicaps 16.8 - 36.4 - Nett only best 3 of 4 rounds.
Captain’s Trophy:  Handicaps 0 - 16.7 - Stableford - best 2 of 3 rounds.
Vice Captain’s Trophy:  Handicaps 16.8 -36.4 - Stableford - best 2 of 3 rounds.

The following Trophies are played alternate years with ladies.
Beasley Trophy:  Nett over field - best 2 out of 3 Rounds.
Scott Davidson Trophy:  Nett over field - best 3 out of 5 Rounds.